What Type of Traveller are You?

If you’ve got the travel bug, you’re not alone. Millions of people travel every year — to be exact, 466.2 million took business trips in 2017, and close to 2 billion people took leisure trips. That’s a lot of travelling!

Whether you book a trip because your boss sends you to meet with a client, or a leisure trip to make memories with the ones you love, everyone is a certain kind of traveller. The question is, what kind are you?

The businessperson

You might be a businessperson if: You’re constantly travelling for work, you get to see awesome things, but are never truly satisfied because you’re on location for work, not leisure.

How you prepare: You pack your best business attire, your laptop, an excess of chargers, a notepad, and your airline ticket.

What you look for in a hotel: You look for a nice hotel that is free of complaints, away from a busy highway, and one that has free Wi-Fi. Continental breakfast is never a bad thing for the businessperson because who knows when your meeting will allow time for lunch!

The family vacationer

You might be a family vacationer if: You love to make memories with your family, you have kids, you own an SUV, you want to have many scrapbooks and experience the best the world has to offer with the ones you love the most.

How you prepare: Tell your kids multiple times to pack their bags, do all the laundry in the house, pack tons of sunscreen, secure the first aid kits, and find someone to watch the pets while you’re gone.

What you look for in a hotel: You likely want to find a hotel that has kids accommodations, like a pool or kid-centred events. Continental breakfast is great, and if your kids have technology, free Wi-Fi is a huge bonus. You probably also want to be close to the main attraction of your trip, like the theme park, beach, or event.

The cultured one

You might be a cultured one if: You are extremely interested in other cultures, you want to immerse yourself in another culture, you want to learn the ways of native people and try all of their cuisines.

How you prepare: You find a shoulder bag that can comfortably fit 2 bottles of water, a portable phone charger, your DSLR camera, and plenty of room for souvenirs that you find along your outings.

What you look for in a hotel: You want to make sure that your hotel is clean and in a safe area. You also want to be as close to markets, town squares, and cultural places as possible.

The visitor

You might be a visitor if: You only go on vacation to visit friends or family. You have plenty of loved ones that live out of town so you revolve your vacations around visiting them.

How you prepare: Talking and texting for hours about what you’re going to do when you get there. You pack light because you can just borrow anything you need if you forget something.

What you look for in a hotel: Most of the time you will just stay with your family or friends. If that’s not an option, you usually look for something with a reasonable price that’s close to their place.

The thrill-seeker

You might be a thrill-seeker if: You are an adrenaline junkie, you enjoy things like free rock climbing and cliff jumping, you want to experience everything that’s risky in every location you travel to, or you ask locals where the sharks like to hang out.

How you prepare: You likely pack the bare minimum, a bag with a first aid kit (if that), lots of water, and a travel journal to chronicle your adrenaline rushes.

What you look for in a hotel: Something that is low cost, and gives you somewhere soft to sleep.

The repeater

You might be a repeater if: You always end up returning to the same vacation destination. You always enjoy your time there, so why go anywhere else!

How you prepare: You have been there 25 times, so at this point, you know exactly what to bring. You can basically pack your suitcase with your eyes closed.

What you look for in a hotel: The same hotel you have been staying at since you started visiting. You know all staff members by name and know exactly what room number to ask for.

The researcher

You might be a research traveller if: You spend most of your time searching for “best locations for a winter vacation” at work. You don’t have a destination in mind from the start, but after hours of scanning the web, you finally decide on a spot.

How you prepare: Spending hours on travel and forum websites. You are an expert on finding the best deals for those diamonds in the rough destinations.

What you look for in a hotel: The best hotel for the best price. Whether you are staying at 5-star or a 3-star, you always get the best bang for your buck.

What kind are you?

Do you fit one of these traveller profiles? No matter what kind of traveller you are, you love to experience the world at its best. If you’re travelling to Sault Ste. Marie, Quattro Hotel can meet all your travel needs, whether you’re a businessperson or a thrill-seeker!

Enjoy the world. Keep travelling!

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