A La Carte (Design Your Own Day)

All services are priced individually. Your total cost is based on the type of bar service & meal and any additional services you choose.

Room set up & audio visual requirements:
  • Your room layout; based on the number of guests, size of wedding party and vision: Tables, chairs, stage, microphone, podium, drop down screens can all be incorporated
You choose your type of bar service:
  • Host Bar (you pay)
  • Cash Bar (your guests pay)
  • Bring Your Own (you are responsible for coordinating your Special Occasions permit supplying all of the alcohol)
You choose your meals:
  • Served (each meal is plated and served to the guest individually)
  • Family Style (platters & bowls are brought to the table and guests serve themselves)
  • Buffet (guests go to a common area to retrieve their meal)
You choose your additional services offered by Quattro:
  • Appetizers or pre-reception food & beverage items
  • Late night food station & coffee
  • Ceremony set up & décor
  • Hotel accommodations
You are responsible for coordinating and separate payment arrangements for:
  • Decorating services
  • Florist
  • DJ / Band
  • Ceremony Officiant
  • Spa Services
  • Wedding Cake