Wedding FAQ

It’s your big day and there are many details to consider. At the Q, we prefer to be one step ahead of you. From us to you… the perfect experience.

Here are some commonly asked questions from our brides, grooms, mothers, fathers, and in-laws to be. We’ve got you covered.



I want my wedding to be held in one place. What are the ceremony options that you offer?

Our gorgeous courtyard space is a perfect location to tie the knot. From 10-125 guests, you can experience your ceremony outdoors.  In the event of rain, we will have an alternative space in our adjacent Great Lakes Room, or South Ballroom. More guests? Our South Ballroom with host 200 people chevron style with the opportunity for your ceremony to be held.

Having the largest ballroom in Northern Ontario, we have housed many large weddings of over 500 guests, in this case your ceremony would need to be offsite, or in the ballroom prior to your wedding reception.



Are the menus in your packages the only ones offered?

Quattro weddings are all about personalization to you and your day. From family style, buffet, plated, or butlered, we can do it all. Something you don’t see? We will listen to your requests and work with you to build the perfect menu, Q style.

Are there options for vegetarians or gluten free?

Yes we will accommodate any dietary restrictions.

Can I bring in my own candy and baking for late night?

We totally understand that Grandma makes the best butter tarts in town and you want that perfect shade of pink for every jelly bean and lollipop. Service fee applies.



Can I bring in my own bar?

Yes, Quattro gives you the opportunity to do so. There is a bar fee, bartender charge, mix fee and corkage. You are also responsible to provide a Special Occasions permit and purchase liability.

What are the other alternatives?
  • Host bar (we take care of everything and charge per consumption)
  • Cash Bar
  • Loonie, Toonie, you name it. You can have the best choice that works for you and your budget.
Can I bring in my own wine?

Of course. Just a couple of things to keep in mind. You will need a Special Occasions Permit, the bar will have to be closed during your wine service, and there is a corkage fee per bottle for all bottles opened.

What time does the bar shut down?

Last call is at 12:45 pm and the wedding bar is closed at 1am.

All-inclusive 5 hour Bar. What does this mean?

Our all-inclusive weddings include 5 hours of open bar with red and white wine during dinner. Should consumption exceed contracted quantities, additional charges may apply. If you wish to keep the bar open through dinner, once the 5 hours is complete, the bar will charge per consumption for all additional drinks consumed. The concept for the all-inclusive package allows for easy planning and budgeting for your wedding function. It is NOT intended to be an all you can drink event for your wedding guests.

Are your bartenders Smart Serve certified?

Yes, in the interest of liability for you as the host of your wedding function as well as for Quattro Hotel & Conference Centre and its employees, we do NOT encourage unlimited drinking of alcoholic beverages. Our bartenders are SMART SERVE trained. Accordingly they have authority to refuse service to any guest they believe has reached the point of intoxication.



Can we get a group block of rooms for our guests?

100%! This is our specialty. As we are your one stop shop for weddings. From all of your out of town guests, to the in-towners that want to take the elevator home, we’ve got a Suite for that. Discounted rates on all of our Suites are offered. Don’t forget, our Quattro Brides and Grooms receive a complimentary night’s stay in one of our beautiful king Suites for the first night of your forever.



How many guests can your ballroom hold? I only have 175 guests?

From 5-550, we’ll create the perfect fit.

Do I have to pay a deposit to secure my date?

A non-refundable deposit is required to book your day. This is not a room rental charge. This deposit is applied to your final food & beverage costs.

What is this Socan Fee?

It is a tariff for playing pre-recorded or copyright music at an event. It is the obligation of the facility to collect this fee and submit to the Music Industry Association. For more information, go to

Do you provide table linens and chair covers?

We provide black or white table linens and napkins. We only provide chair covers for the all-inclusive wedding option. We are happy to provide local vendor recommendations for décor options as well.

Will there be a manager onsite for the night of my wedding?

Our Food and Beverage Director/and or Operations Supervisor is onsite throughout your event, ensuring flawless execution. We’ll look after all of the details while you just worry about, nothing.

What if I want to have a slide show, video or PowerPoint?

Your first date… baby pics… big hair? No problem. Our in-house LCD projectors and screens are built in to our ballroom for all to see. Service fee applies.

If my wedding is at Quattro do you offer discounts for showers, rehearsal parties, gift openings?

Absolutely. This will all be discussed as part of your total package.