All Inclusive Packages

A complete package that includes everything you need for a characteristic wedding & incorporates it all into a total price per person. Additional services not included in the package price can also be added.

Package price per person includes:
  • Room set up & audio visual
  • Cocktails & bar service
  • Décor options
  • Full meal package including antipasto stations, main meal & late night station
You choose your meal type:
  • Served (each meal is plated and served the guest individually)
  • Family Style (platters & bowls are brought to the table and guests serve themselves)
  • Buffet (guests go to a common area to retrieve their meal)
Services offered for an additional fee but not included in the package price:
  • Ceremony set up & ceremony décor (Officiant must be booked & organized by the individual)
  • Personal favourites added to the late night food station
  • Premium linens and additional decor
You are responsible for coordinating and separate payment arrangements for:
  • Wedding Cake
  • DJ Services
  • Florist
  • Décor outside of our package or additional offerings
  • Ceremony Officiant
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Spa Services